by Queen Elephantine

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Queen Elephantine’s second long-playing venture is Kailash. The album takes its name and guiding spirit from the mystical Himalayan peak on which the Destroyer dwells in the state of perpetual meditation, in the deathless state.


released May 1, 2010

Indrayudh Shome, Rajkishen Narayanan, Brett Zweiman, Andrew Jude Riotto, Chris Dialogue, Oliver Ignatius



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Queen Elephantine Providence, Rhode Island


  • Aug 11
    Providence, RI
  • Aug 12
    Providence, RI

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Track Name: Search For The Deathless State
I spent seven years on the foothills of lingam
Black, phallic, with carved white arches on his forehead
It was satisfied with broken coconuts and goat's blood
Bald women and men on their knees
Threw deep oms and chanted flat sanskrit hymns

The madness was in the floor
Glossed in a layer of holy water and dirt
Circling, marking ancient patterns

I felt out of place
I dropped nameless, orange flowers
around the idol without feeling

Embrace the caravan lights!

Children roll inside of large tires down a river made of glass. The surface of the water is very thin so they do not float in comfort. The girls will grow up to be women and the boys will grow up to be lost. They are the children of abandoned carnivals. The details of their mothers and fathers have been lost to the river of glass. Carried away by moths that eat the sweaters of the poorest men, they become hard as stones because of the cold.

At home the children look through the windows of their small rooms, watching their fathers shiver with wide eyes. Now the faces of the children all point to the grey sky, to a lonely skycraper that hides the sun. One day, they will all stand on the roof of that building with their legs chained to poles, dreams of breaking free cutting deep into their ankles. And after a long time they'll kiss their legs goodbye and trust to their wings... and trust to their wings to fly them to heaven.